Remembering Zion

On this day January 12, 2001 my life was forever changed by the birth of my

son Zion. The time I spent with Zion taught me many lessons, and taking for granted

the time spent with him because of the assumption that there would always be time

was one of them. On February 10, 2007 Zion, in an instant, was relegated to a

memory – never a distant one but a memory nonetheless. Even though he’s still

around in those picture frames hanging on the walls of my house and in my heart, it’s

no substitute for the warmth of his presence. This book is not only my story, but

hopefully your guidebook to avoiding my mistakes or embracing my methods of

escaping the turmoil that accompanies life in shared spaces where people can be so

callous and ignorant.

Even though the contents of this book may be surprising or shocking to some

of you, it doesn’t even begin to fully articulate my full experience with life in the

ghetto and the ignorance that binds these beautiful people to a repetitive destiny of

hopelessness and frustration. This book is not my attempt to get anyone to like me.

The goal is for you to love yourself enough to avoid the traps and misfortune it will

point out to you. Who you think I am when you finish reading it is not important;

what’s significant is your life – its purpose and the choices you make going forward.

This book, like my work, will speak the truth as I see it. This book will either lead you

to the light or highlight the procrastination that keeps you in the darkness.

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