Writing the story

Writing The Road to Zion was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Writing the chapter,“The Longest Night” felt like being put under by a psychiatrist and being brought back to places I didn’t want to be but had to face in order to survive. There were moments that I relived while writing that were still as real in that moment as the time they happened. My only hope is that I have done the memories justice in my writing and that the reader will take some lesson from the turmoil I went through.

What to put in and what to leave out also caused some measure of concern at times, as a story in its entirety cannot truly be told in one little book. There was concern for the feelings and privacy of others. Adding some things meant telling stories that may not have been mine to tell while leaving some things out felt like excluding the heart of the story. In the end, as tough as the decisions were, they were made. What we ended up with is a book that is both therapy and my legacy. It has helped me to document and present the reality of not only my own pain and torment but of the people who lived in that reality with me.

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